Ace Fishing: Wild Catch – Top Cheats and Tips

Love fishing? Try this Ace Fishing: Wild Catch from Com2uS. It will take you to the whole new level of arcade fishing with incredible struggles on an island to catch the biggest fish.

Find that giant with these top cheats and tips of Ace Fishing: Wild Catch.

A good Cast-off in Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

There is a meter that is moving back and forth when you are casting the line. This meter has a highlighted area in the middle. Your aim should be to select this part; if you successfully do that you will get 10-15% bonus. Just practice for this area and you can easily figure out the time.

Fishes to catch in Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

You never know which fish is going to be trapped, but it is dependent on the way of your line casting. Size of the fish may differ and it provides you ratings from 1 star to 5 stars. The heavier the fish, the more struggles you have to do with it. However, these fishes are good source of getting gold coins and also you can save them for the display. Aswith the smaller fishes, you can always sell them.

How to catch a big fish in Ace Fishing: Wild Catch?

If you want to have bigger fishes, you need to first improve yourself. Upgrade your gears initially; this is the only way to get the big ones. The basic equipments are not good enough for the big catch. Upgrade your fishing pole and other things from the gold coins you have got. This will improve the chance of having bigger fishes.

Reeling when caught a big fish in Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

In Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, reeling is a really easy job. There is a reel button, holding it will bring your line back to the boat. It is highly essential to maintain the balance when catching a big fish; because if strength of the line exceeds your power, fish will run away. Top technique of reeling is to preserve meter between green and red. When situation calls for it, jostle the pole.

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