Angry Birds Transformers Cheats

Here are some Angry Birds Transformers Cheats and Tips to help you progress through the game.

Time Cheat, instant Upgrades

This is by far one of the best Angry Birds Transformers Cheats we have found so far without actually hacking the game. By changing the time settings on your device ahead you can skip the upgrade waiting times.

  1. Select the Transformer upgrade you want on the game.
  2. Exit the game (press home button) and go into Settings.
  3. Once in Settings select ‘Date & Time’.
  4. Manually change the time ahead by an hour or two (however long the upgrade time is).
  5. Go back into Angry Birds Transformers and the upgrade will be complete.

Don’t forget to set the time back to the correct time once you are done though!

General Angry Birds Transformers Cheats and Tips

  • Focus on TNT boxes, you can take out multiple pigs and structures this way and you will get more coins.
  • Make sure you are shooting flying pigs as soon as they appear and as priority, they are a lot more accurate than the pigs on the structures and more likely to cause damage to you.
  • Use the summon transformer button, its 100% worth it and its best used when they are multiple pigs and structures on the screen so the shockwave of the transformer buddy hits them – this also affects the flying pigs.
  • Use your Energon attacks, don’t store them up and forget about them – the Energon’s are easy to get you just need to shoot down one of the background buildings or palm trees with the ‘robotic’ look but note you can only store one Energon ability at a time. There are 3 Energon attacks in total; EMP Stunner, Shield and Air Strike.
  • Transform and use your vehicle to get away if you are low on health and run into a large group of pigs.

Coins cheats and Tips

  • Watch the videos after the level is completed to double your coins, the video’s are very short and coins are always needed to upgrade the characters and unlock new level areas.
  • Collect coins from previous areas/levels you have completed.

We hope these Angry Birds Transformers Cheats help you and we will keep updating this page with more cheats so be sure to check in again and also check out our Angry Birds Transformers Review

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