Angry Birds Transformers Review

Angry Birds Transformers Review

The Rovio team have launched the tenth installment of the massively popular and successful Angry Birds game but this time they have not just done another Seasons theme but a twist and take on of the very popular film Transformers. Angry Birds Transformers was officially released on 15th October for iOS and for Android users it was 30th October.

So what’s new with Angry Birds Transformers

A lot has changed, the first and most noticeable change is the game play as its not another slingshot style game but Rovio have introduced a side scrolling shooting style (run and shoot), which is a first for them but it works very well for this Transformers mash up version. Like all Angry Birds games the aim is to eliminate all the pigs in the level but most importantly survive the run through of the level, you can eliminate the pigs by shooting them several times but its easier to eliminate them by shooting the structures they are standing on such as the ice blocks or by shooting the TNT boxes along the level.

Each of the Autobirds can be upgraded too by collecting Energon throughout the game, you can upgrade Armor, weapon and Vehicle which gives a small increase to the selected attribute which is essential in order to progress through the levels which increase in difficulty as you progress.

Angry Birds Transformers Characters

In total there are eleven characters, six Autobirds and five Deceptihogs which are all shown below;


Red = Optimus Prime
Chuck = Bumblebee
Terence = Heatwave
Hal = Grimlock
Bubbles = Jazz
Stella =  Arcee


King Pig =Megatron
Corporal Pig =  Galvatron
Foreman Pig =  Lockdown
Chef Pig = Soundwave
Minion Pig = Starscream

Overall its still early days since the launch but its already very clear that Rovio have made another very popular and addictive game. We give Angry Birds Transformers 10/10 and I’m sure there will be more updates, levels and content to come over the next few months. We will try and cover a tips and cheats article for the game in due course too so keep a look out for that.


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