“Arms Cartel Global” Cheats

Let’s taka a look at Arms Cartel Global Cheats. After the smash hit Arms Cartel, Pixel Addicts brings you Arms Cartel Global. This sequel will be taking you to all parts of the world dominating Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Myanmar and other locations. Deal with guns and takeover the underground economy as you fight off with other players and their cartels. It gets more interesting now since you can form up in clans and participate in cartel wars.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you with Arms Cartel Global:

Right after you begin playing the game, you need to get new cartel members and form a clan, which you need during cartel wars. There are two easy ways to do this. First is to go to iPhone app store and get the friend code posted along with the reviews. Second is to go to the “Invite VIPS” area and send invites to every single VIP as often as you can. This way, you will get as much as 50 new cartel members and your clan will get bigger before you know it.

Next step you have to consider doing is to have your cartel members armed with weapons and protections. Basically, a cartel member must have 1 weapon, 1 protection and 1 vehicle. However, having all the members have a vehicle would be pretty costly. So you might as well consider that when your city is making a lot of money. Most importantly, arm your cartel member with something useful.

Now, the fastest way to make money in this game is to go to your city and buy at least 20 weapons storage systems. If you’re money can’t hit it now, then, complete more missions and purchase them as soon as you can. You might get anxious adding more of them since the price increases every time you do that, but, worry not because it is still the most profitable and quickest way to earn money. Continue doing this so you can provide vehicles for your whole cartel.

When you level up, it would be best to use the skill points earned on either energy or stamina. Of course you want to increase your attack and defense, but that can be done with weapons. In the case of energy and stamina, it can only be increased using skill points. So use it wisely.

When you have higher maximum energy and stamina, you can make money and gain levels faster. If that happens, you can buy better weapons which will increase your attack and defense incredibly. If you have any Arms Cartel Global Cheats – please send it to us

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