Asphalt 7 cheats and tricks

Asphalt 7: Heat is the latest arcade racer by the Gameloft. The well-known mobile series represent this perfect brand new entry with its 15 greatest tracks, more than 60 various vehicles, and also a number of other modes to your attention. Now, you are recommended to pass through the Asphalt 7 cheats and guide introduced below.

Equipping A Sponsor and Starting A Race

Before starting your race, you are advised to hire a sponsor, and acquire AKA privileges that are called to enrich your vehicle with various important capacities (passing other competitors, obtaining more nitrous that will add to your speed after being caught in a crash). So, look at the bottom line: this is your best path to the top advantages!

Get Vehicle Upgrades

You should open your virtual wallet and make additions beneath the hood. As for your favorite muscle machine, the represented 6 vehicle upgrades add to its effectiveness on the track, and, thus, you’ll also be able to exercise the Speed and Acceleration, Nitrous and Nitro Efficiency, Handling and Amour applications of your car.

Through-Icon Driving

There will be shown some icons, set around a track, during your race, which are foreseen to help you obtain extra cash, or nitrous energy, or increase in your speed.

Shortcut Taking

Tracks in Asphalt 7: Heat give you the opportunity to get involved in other races: this will be possible with the help of the featured shortcuts or paths: thus, you’ll get more power-ups and cash, and you’ll also receive a new area for exploration. In other words, don’t miss the ramps that you’ll see on your way!

Keep Up with Race Goals

After making achievements, you’ll get the opportunity to have bonuses: these are gathering 10 Dollar pick-ups, or receiving 3 Asphalt Stars. You can pause your race at any rate, and see the up-coming goals that will be shown on the right side, or on the main screen.

Trying, and Then Buying

You’re presented an opportunity to gain more of Asphalt Dollars by contemplating over your further steps, and not leaving them to a chance. The fine renting system of the game makes it possible to take a car for a test, and change it with a more preferable one, taking account the vehicle type. This opportunity is given for one race.

Appropriate Use of Nitrous

You can press the screen (up to 3 times) due to the obtained nitro during your race, and make your vehicle speed up: you’d better do this when falling down the straightaways, and not in other cases like hitting something. You can have this also through the Adrenaline mode activation.

Cheating via More Asphalt Dollars and Stars

The Gameloft will help you to fill your virtual bank account by making in-app purchases: the Asphalt Dollar costs range between $1.99 (300,000) to $99.99 (15,000,000), while the Asphalt Stars (4) vary from $1.99 (300,000) to $99.99 (15,000,000).

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