Battle Nations cheats and tricks

With over 5-million players all around the world, Battle Nations is one of the best games by Z2Live. You can be the game master by using some of the Battle Nations cheats that are given below.

How to get heaps of gold coins?


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How to earn more exp points?

Gamers usually fight to earn more exp points; since, it is essential for you to have more exp in order to level up faster in the battlefield. Battling is one way to get exp but there’s more to it. During an emerging battleship, here’s what you can do to get more exp.

  • Go for the quests! They earn you extra exp to cater your needs.
  • Replace your old houses, which you want to get rid of, with huts. Thus, you will earn more exp, in addition with gold.

Which Units to hit?

While playing the game, you might notice that some units are better and more beneficial than others against specific foes. Click on one of the barracks to have a look at your units. On the stat card, there’s a section i.e. “Good VS.” which tells you the best unit of soldiers to hit.

Get Free Nanopads!

Nanopads are the currency of Battle Nations that is normally bought online using real money and is quite expensive. Players can earn nanopads just by playing the game and battling on but in meager amounts. It means that a gamer won’t be able to lay his hands upon those premium luxuries. You can always download a battle nations hack tool online and use it to get you more nanopads.

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