Bejeweled Blitz Cheats

One of the top puzzle games developed by Popcap is “Bejeweled Blitz” – it is a game filled with fun and challenges. Presenting the Shariki gameplay, you are required to make as many points as you can before the time runs out.

The game also gives you bonuses that help in making the stages little easier to clear and make more points. For players, who want to get better in this game, here are mentioned some tips that will help in making more points in every stage.

Increase your speed

One thing which can give you a high score is how fast you can swipe the gems. In each round, the more quickly you swipe the gems – the more bonus points you will get. If you consecutively maintained your speed, you will get a bonus which will grant you the availability to explode gem each time you swap one.

The speed bonus gives you a maximum of 1000 point per swipe. This is a great way to get more score. Watch out for the bonus point’s text from turning yellow to red; it is the time when you will get the exploding bonus.

Keep an eye out for the Multipliers

Multiplier is one more way to get a consistent high score. Multipliers are present in some gems, the soon you will swipe or explode them, the earlier you will get the bonus points. Multipliers can stack up to x8. While playing the game, keeping eye on the multipliers can really help you in achieving a high score early on.

Best boosts for the game

Scrambler, Bonus Multiplier, and +5 Seconds: these three boosts are the best selection for the game.

Scrambler can really save up your time and speed bonus while you cannot find any matches on the screen.

Bonus Multiplier gives you a multiplier gem at the beginning of the stage.

+5 Seconds add 5 seconds to your total time. While 5 seconds might not look much, but with a better multiplier and speed bonus, you can get more score in additional time.

Get coins when you can

You can get coins in game while playing through stages or with daily spins. It is important not to waste a daily spin even if you don’t want to play game the whole day. The coins are your source to get bonuses, so the more you have – the better you will be prepared.

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