Best Android Racing Games – Our Top 3

Best Android racing games, what are they? on this post we will cover what we feel are currently the top best three available on Android with an overview of each.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted takes first place on our list of best Android racing games. It has all the attributes of a successful racing game: fantastic graphics, realistic game play and overall the game runs very smoothly with an addictive edge.

Drive some of the fancies cars in the world including Porsche Carrera, Hummer and SRT Viper GTS to increase your most wanted rating and win races;
There are three types of races on Need for Speed; Circuit races, sprint races and also speed runs.

Circuit race – A two or three lap race where you must try and come first place.
Sprint race – You must travel from one point of the map/city to another.
Speed run – You must race at the top speed possible and the average high speed is measured.

Our rating: A must have and by far the leader in our opinion of the best android racing games available.

Graphics = 9.5/10
Game play = 9.5/10
Addictiveness = 8.5/10

Real Racing 2

Taking second place on the list of best android racing games is Real Racing 2, another absolute gem among the racing games available that offers very realistic graphics and a second to none overall gaming expire.

Real Racing 2 is quite an old school game now but don’t let that deceive you. Real Racing was developed/published by Firemint and released December 2010 and there was another version (Real Racing 3 released in 2012.

There are thirty cars in total in the game to unlock and fifteen racing tracks available. The cards include; Ford GT, Jaguar, Nissan GTR, Lotus and many more. If you complete the career mode you will also be awarded the legendary McLaren F1.

Our rating; Definitely worth a download and a worthy addition to your racing App gaming collection.

Graphics = 9/10
Game play = 8.5/10
Addictiveness = 7.5/10

Asphalt 7 Heat

Lastly third place on our list of best android racing games is Asphalt. Asphalt has been around for a while and this is the seventh instalment of their series of games and no doubt the last.

We have previously covered a page on Asphalt 7 cheats and tricks which you might found useful.

Asphalt 7 Heat was released in 2012 and developed and published by Gameloft. The game is very similar to the previous versions with some new vehicles and tracks added. There are 15 maps and 80 cars available in total which have been divided into seven tiers. You start with one car from each tier and the others are unlocked by progressing through the game.

Our rating; A good game with potential to grow further, certainly worth downloading if you are an avid racing games fanatic. We feel the upcoming Asphalt versions will definitely become a contender among the best android racing games.

Graphics = 7.5/10
Game play = 7.5/10
Addictiveness = 6/10

We hope you have enjoyed reading our list of best android racing games and hope you enjoy playing them.

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