Blocky roads cheats and tricks

Do you love to play Blocky Roads? Here are some Blocky Roads tips and tricks to get your truck through the obstacles. Having your farm ruined by a storm, you must collect all of your assets from the surroundings and rebuild your home.

Generally, it’s an uphill task but not anymore! With the application of these guidelines, you will last longer in the game, will earn loads of coins and have fun simultaneously.

Avoid Flipping Over

Lunging into air from a cliff often makes you lose control of your vehicle. Adjust your acceleration and brakes while landing. Apply slight brakes after you land to make it smooth. Try to land as flatly as possible to avoid flipping over.

Watch Your Fuel

You have a very limited stock of fuel in Blocky Roads. You need to upgrade your engine or vehicle to make it more efficient. Don’t miss picking up the fuel tanks that you come-by.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

Upgrading your vehicle costs you coins but it improves the overall performance of your vehicle. You can upgrade different stats of your vehicle individually or can replace your vehicle wholly. New vehicles with better stats are unlocked as you play on. Upgrading individual stats have different advantages:

  • Upgrading your vehicle’s engine will provide you with a bigger fuel tank and will make it easier for you to climb up steeper hills.
  • Drive stat upgrade also helps in increasing the power and driving up a hill.
  • Increasing your suspension stat will make your vehicle vibrate lesser and stop it from flipping over so frequently.
  • Improving your chassis stat will make your vehicle survive more blows before breaking-down and take longer leaps thus avoiding the hurdles beneath and conserving the fuel as well.

Don’t Heed Your Ghosts

While playing Blocky Roads, you might notice ghosts of your vehicle indicating your follies from the past. Don’t pay much attention to it as it might make you lose your concentration. Simply, keep your focus on the game and you will get through!

Collect Your Treasure Chests

Treasure chests contain parts of your farm that you need to collect and add to your home, after each level. It serves the purpose of the game.

I hope you’ll have much more fun playing Blocky Roads once you apply these strategies. Happy Gaming!

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