Blood and Glory Cheats, Tips and Tricks

All this  Blood and Glory Cheats, Tips and Tricks can be used on IPhone, IPad and Android devices.

First, and the most important cheat – never, again – NEVER spend your rubies on armor and weapons. Buy armor and weapons for gold, not rubies. Spend rubies only at healing potions. It’s possible and easy to win tournaments without buying additional rubies. Check this page, if you need Blood and Glory free rubies

Learn your enemy. There only few different moves they do. They change weapons, but movements are the same. It’s about 10 different movements – not so hard to learn, yep?

Be faster than your enemy. After learning their movements – react as soon as he starts to move. It’s rather easy, but needs a bit of training.

Dodge instead of using shield. Dodging is easier and gives you opportunity to strike back more often.

Use special attack to interrupt enemy movements. If you see enemy is doing something that you don’t remember how to avoid – just use special attack and interrupt it.

There’s special attack that stuns enemy – use it right after combo, so you will be able to use combo again  – that doubles your damage!

Remember – it’s possible to complete game without buying gold or rubies, just train. For me it took couple of days to complete it.

Hope this Blood and Glory Cheats, Tips  and Tricks will help you!


1. If you don’t plan to spend money on Blood and Glory – never buy a shield. I’m serious. If you use shield – you don’t enhance your dodging skills, and shield durability is limited. So you can block 4-5 strikes and then you will need to dodge, and if you have little practice in it – you will fail. I used tutorial shield up to X tournament, and made 8 tournaments with ‘invictus’:

2. Focus on buying weapons, not armor. You can enhance your dodging skills, and avoid enemy strikes easily, but if your strikes deal low damage – you give your opponent more chances to kill you. So make sure that you’ll kill him fast. I finished 5 tournaments with “Invictus” with just 350HP, when enemies had up to 2000.

If your HP is low – use Health Potion BEFORE the battle. If you loose – you will start next try with full HP. In case you use potion in battle and loose – your next try will be again with low HP and you will need to use potion again.

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