Blood and Glory – There will be blood!

Never heard of “Blood and Glory”?

Did you ever imagine yourself at the Coliseum, feeling the sword in your hand, seeing fear in the eyes of your enemy, hearing blood thirsty crowd at tribunes shouting “kill! KILL! KILL!”?

The battle begins..slash! block! slash! dodge! slash!! PAIN!! You are wounded…blood runs from your shoulder…Enemy feels triumph prepairing to strike one more…last time…Slash! You dodge and strike back…The enemy slowly falls on the ground…dead! You are victorious!!! That’s your hour of glory! Blood and Glory!

That’s is what exactly “Blood and Glory” game is.
Fight your enemies at the Coliseum arena. Fight to the death!

High quality HD effects – see and feel the raw violence!

Dosens of lethal weapons – swords, maces, clubs, spikes, morning stars, dual weapons.
Epic armor and shield that will cause your enemies sword to broke.

Use unique attacks and killing combos to crush your enemies!
Enhance your skills with every level!

Dominate all your opponents and become the only real champion of Coliseum!
Just Blood and Glory on your way!

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