Bloons tower defence 5 – Review

Bloons tower defence 5 is the fifth installment of the very popular series of Bloons tower defence or TD games available on Android and iOS.
We are going to cover our thoughts on Bloons tower defence 5 with our rating and review of the game with some of our favourite features covered too.


Bloons Tower Defense games have been around a few years now, the game was developed by Kaiparasoft Ltd and from the first game they have been a really big success and really got me into tower defence games. The idea of the game is really simple, you need to pop all of the invading baloon’s by building/upgrading towers and hiring secret agents to help you get the job done.

bloons tower defence 5

What’s new in Tower Defence 5?

The game has very much remain the same in terms of general game play, makes no sense to change that as everybody loves it so they have just implemented a few tweaks and of course added some new cool features. The retina graphics have been optimised for Iphone 5. There is also some offer exiting new updates and features that have been added in Tower Defence 5;

• New Missions added (250+)
• New Tower Added: Heli Pilot.
• New Special agent added: Radadactyl.
• Building upgrades Tier 4.
• New research Lab added called “Monkey Lab” where you can research unique abilities and cool tower upgrades.
• 4 new map themes added for the holidays.
• Over 20 towers to building and upgrade.
• Over 40 new Tracks.
• 2 Player co-op mode.
• 10 Special Missions.
• 10 Special Agents to hire to help you.
• Strong Blood enemies added to make the game harder.
• 3 difficulty settings adding to test your bloon popping skills.
• Hours of gaming and addictive bloon popping fun.

Our Review and rating

Bloon Tower Defence 5 is an absolute winner, the graphics are fun, sharp and really compliment the quality game play. The game itself really has so much to offer, you will certainly get your monies worth ($2.99 download cost) with all the levels and great features the game offers. Aside from this, the game is always going to be updated with more cool features so it’s really not one of these games that you only play for a couple of days and forget about, Bloons Tower Defence 5 will take a permanent place among your favourite Apps without doubt. We rate Tower Defence 5 a well deserved 10/10 – a truly awesome game.

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