Boom Beach tips and tricks

We have put together a list of our favorite Boom beach tips and tricks to help you progress through the game quickly and give you some general helpful information.

Boom Beach is another epic and massively popular creation from the Supercell Team, it’s not been around that long but it’s been a booming successful (excuse the pun!) and the player base is growing on a monthly basis. It’s basically a twist on the clash of clans version going from swords and bows to more advance buildings, weapons and modern soldiers with guns, machine guns, boats and lot’s more. If you like Clash of clans then we are 100% sure you will enjoy Boom Beach.

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List of Boom Beach Tips

  1. Focus on the Headquarters first rather than the smaller buildings – of course take care of the defense weapons that will take our your soldiers but after that just take out the HQ as that’s all that is needed in order to win.
  2. At the early stage if you have max gold and short on wood then you can cut down tree’s surrounding your base (at the back) for 600 coins in exchange for 300 wood to help balance it up until you can upgrade your storage buildings.
  3. Keep building and upgrading your resources, without resources you are really not going to get far with Boom beach (especially wood as the others are generally rewarded from battles and used later in game).
  4. Be careful of friendly fire, some of the strikes can hurt your own troops so make sure you have moved them out of the way (or not deployed them) when you are launching strikes.
  5. When upgrading make sure you prioritize your Headquarters, this is by far the most important building as it will grant new abilities, buildings and much more helpful features to help you win.
  6. Make sure your base defence is good, buildings should be as far too the back as possible and your defense weapons should be towards the beach – ensure the guns radius covers all the areas before you start improving / building more in the same area to help fight off the enemies when you get attached.
  7. Track achievements and focus on the near completed ones, by doing so you will earn Diamonds which really come in handy building and developing through the game.
  8. Use your Diamonds very wisely and don’t use them necessarily otherwise you WILL end up spending your own hard earned cash on the game. Focus on H, Defence, Expensive and long build items – everything else will come for free as you progress through the game (with a bit of patience).
  9. Keep you radar updated, your radar allows you to explore islands away from your base – the more updated your radar then the more you can explore. If you have already visited all the islands in view then it’s time to upgrade!. Also by upgrading your Radar you will increase the amount of Diamonds you find on the map from treasure chests.
  10. Use your submarine and uncover dive locations you can get free Diamonds, you will need a level 5 radar for this.
  11. Patience is key for Boom Beach, don’t be tempted to waste Diamonds on small / cheap buildings, go and make a coffee and come back in 30 minutes rather than wasting a Diamonds.
  12. Upgrade/reinforce in the evening before you to sleep, then when you wake up new buildings and troops will be ready for action – you could be late for school/work following this!
  13. Scout button is there for a reason, make sure you use it before any battle so you can plan your attacks and reduce the chances of loosing your troops unnecessarily.
  14. Build a Vault to protect and save your gold and resources – later in the game you will need to start saving for bigger / more expensive upgrades so it’s crucial you have a vault for extra safety and saving.
  15. Spread out your defence towers/guns, if you have them grouped together then both defence buildings will be hit by one Artillery strike and increase the chance of your base being destroyed.

We hope you find our Boom beach tips helpful and of course please get in contact if you wish to add anything to the list, we will try and update the list from time to time.

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