Call of Duty Zombies: game review

Let’s talk about Call of Duty Zombies.


After having gained 3000 points, take the upstairs in the zombie factory: you can do this with the help of the main stairs that appear on the front start area. When reaching the top, you should turn around and return to the back of the room, where you’ll find some sandbags. Then, you need to go on until you come across a dresser object behind a pillar.

When you see it, you should open it, take the flamethrower out of it, and take the way towards the stairs. On the left, you’ll see a room and a wall in the corner. Now, you should get into the corner in order to kill, using the flamethrower and the grenades placed behind you.

Ray Gun

It is possible to receive the ray gun taking the following steps – applying the knife in the 2nd level, between the 2nd and the 3rd levels, and gaining the mystery box named “Nacht der Untoten”.

Call of Duty Zombies – Easy Survival – “Shino Numa”

After having gained access to all the areas, you are advised to appear in the middle of the map – this is the best place that gives you the opportunity to circle around.

Pistol Easy Headshots

You should look up a little, while targeting at the zombies’ heads, and then zoom in and shoot.

Call of Duty Zombies Mystery Box – “Nacht der Untoten”

After having got the access into the “Help” room, you need to unplug and then plug again your charger. Now, you’d like to get out of the “Help” room: for this purpose, you should perform the same action that has led you in. Be sure, the zombies won’t be able to notice you during the whole time of being there.

Getting out of Der Riese

As you proceed, reach the 2 doors being located on the right side. Then, turn to the left. Here you’ll find 2 barrels between the doors. Moving them forward, you’ll get your way out.

Call of Duty Zombies – Walking Through Wall Glitch

You should get on the Der Riese and gain minimum 2000 dollars. Then, you’ll see a door open towards stairs. As you keep on going ahead, you’ll open another door on the right side. Now, you should go up to the air vent (the object placed there), then go on, in order to appear between the air vent and the wall. After this, you should continue your way; then, you’ll need to make a pause and resume the Call of Duty Zombies: maybe, you’ll need to do this more than once.

After getting in the wall, you shouldn’t move, and you should press the pause. Afterwards, you need to continue your way up to the right side. Well, now you mustn’t turn on the electricity, or open a door, if you don’t want to be caught by the zombies.

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