Campus life: cheats

Let’s check campus life cheats:

Pocket Games Inc. represents one of its games named “Campus Life”. This is about constructing your house, designing and furnishing it in your desired style and trends! You can have the sorority sisters take part in these activities, and you can create the most favorable sorority house on the campus. So, change your image, follow the most fashionable trends, and be the hottest and the best-looking one around you!

Choose the smartest and the most gorgeous girls, and make new acquaintances! Moreover, you can organize parties and fundraisers, or keep up with the latest fashion trends on the campus. So, don’t hesitate and refurbish your house with various decorations, like luxury spas and chocolate fountains!

Top Sorority on Campus

Build your sorority house on the campus, and invite the best girls on the campus to your parties! You can organize amazing parties by recruiting star athletes and party lovers, and of course, you can invite the cutest girls there. So, don’t waste around! Organize beach parties in Hawaii style, and live a real life of your dreams!

The best sorority campus is your chance to win the Campus Cup!

In case you need images and tips, details, hints or clues to your success in this game, you can easily turn to the Gamezebo strategy guide.

Play for free! Yes, you’re not mistaken – FREE!

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