Candy Crush Saga Cheats

Games are a good source of entertainment and relaxation. Playing Candy Crush Saga is highly addictive and fun. With a few minutes of action the urge to keep on playing is build up. It is an easy and simple puzzle game to play. It is designed with cool music to keep you active, delicious looking candies and a strategic play.

It is an easy game but so tricky. Thus we provide you with Candy Crush Saga cheats to enable you play this game with perfection.

Matching Three Candies Is Great, but Four or More Is Awesome

It feels a kids play trying to match three colorful pieces of candy. For quick score boosting then match four to five pieces. The benefits of matching four pieces are it generates a special candy. Once you match this special candy with two other pieces of a similar color, it eliminates an entire row. You can as well create a special candy with a match of five. The goodness of a five match special is great. It wipes out an entire board once matched with similar colors.

Tip: Combine special candies for screen-clearing effects.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats – Keep a Close Eye on Number of Turns

The screen clearly displays the number of turns you have in each stage. You should be keen with this turns since they are limited. With a specific number of turns to complete a stage, you have to be keen and plan your moves well.

Don’t Waste Turns

You may feel you are sailing well matching candies while indeed you are actually doing the reverse. If the remaining candy is more on a given corner of the puzzle, then there is no need to match candies on the other corners and sides of the puzzle.

Tip: You must reach a certain number of points to beat a puzzle.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats – Jelly Doesn’t Move

This is a common mistake and should be avoided all the time. When in the jelly themed levels you realize that the jelly blocks are immobile. You need to be creative to find your way out of this challenge. The best solution is to place candies strategically. This precise positioning will successfully remove the jellies.

Losing Comes With Great Consequence

At the initial playing stage, the game offers a limited number of turns. This turns must be taken as lives. If you happen to finish your sole turns you only have three options to use. First you can purchase more lives for $0.99., seek from facebook friends or wait for more lives to appear. If you have more Candy Crush Saga Cheats – send it to us.

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