Candy Crush Saga review

My first experience with Candy Crush Saga was a thrilling one. I even thought it was just a decorated version of a different game. But I bet I was?

Wrong. On its general look, I realized it had similar features just like tile matching games. The idea behind transacting candy pieces is to create a cluster of flowing pieces of colorful candy in a uniform way. However there are a few differences you need to know. First, this game has colorful pieces of candy. Creating a set of three caused them to explode but creating a line of four made a super candy that could make major flow or a nice candy series.
The way you make scores was the most amazing thing I liked of Candy Crush Saga. I had to make sure I complete some challenges before progressing to another level. The tasks were quite wanting like scoring a set number of points in a set number of moves. Another superb move was pulling down randomly placed food items to the bottom and off the grid before running out of my ration of moves. These challenges made me think and design creative moves to make move reach the end.

The rating on each level by use of stars was another exciting thing I liked with this game. It served to remind me how my performance was. It was a must to burn up a life if I never finished a level and moved to another level. I experienced another problem after losing my lives where I got locked out of the game for charm.

I had this great push to pay real money to secure an earlier chance into the game. This was quite a disappointment but I never held bad feelings at all as not to be in the game as others. I could not be annoyed for that money value to pay to stay in the challenge. All the same I acknowledge a developer who gambles in such an addictive game.

Appearance the game was so beautiful and I liked it. The explosions were brilliant even if they appeared on a non-amoled screen. The game developer took time to design and blend in the quality interactive music with the colors. This work always enhances one’s experience with this game.

That is the truth about reviewing Candy Crush Saga. I have no idea about. Once I have an experience with them I then prove myself wrong.

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