Candy Crush Saga

The first time I saw Candy Crush Saga, I was not surprise because for me it turned out to be an one more copy of Bejeweled, am I right?

But I was wrong!

Actually, it had a few common components from well-known tile-matching game like switching tiles to make a  point-accumulating flows and also the special tiles inside a typical grid, however there is a lot of moderate changes. To begin with, Candy Crush has a lot of colorful candies. Producing groups of 3 makes them to explode; having a series of 4 produced a super-candy that may create massive flows.

At this point, the game was addictive because of its method of scoring. To advance, I needed to complete the level-specific mission, such as need to reach a specific score with limited turns, or perhaps pulling all the way down some items towards the lower part and out of the grid before moves ran out. It just means that your every move needed a use, also it required imagination right at the end.

Each stage ended up being scored through stars, and quitting a level required me to make use of a life. One more thing, it had a limited lives, and right after loosing 5 lives, I always want to get back to the game and spend money purchasing lives. It was a bit of a bummer, but ofcourse i respect the creator to earn additional money from the addictive game.

The game animations were really great, together with explosive series that still seems very good on non-amoled mobile or tablet screens. The designer applied effective shades of colors, and also the candy-coated music background together with its voice overs generally been effective to boost the feeling.

This is the good benefit of product reviews. I have to unintentionally assess a book by its cover, but after all of that I’ve to convince my self that I’m wrong. You can find candy crush saga cheats here.

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