Castle Clash Cheats Tips and Tricks

So, here are the castle clash cheats:

1. Maximize your resources buildings quickly!

Make this a priority. Your army can get wiped out whilst you aren’t even playing. If you have your gold mines and mana mills fully upgraded early, then you will always have the resources to replenish your army. Also, if you have more resources coming in at faster rates then you can upgrade the rest of your base quicker. It’s a no brainer, upgrade your mines, mills and vaults first. This will ultimately mean that in the long run you will get stronger defensive buildings and a larger army in less time.

2. Lay out your base well for defense and organize your heroes for strong Arena defense.

Opposing armies are slowed down by walls, and you can make better use of walls if your buildings are close together.

Make sure that your defensive buildings are able to protect each other and are not isolated on their own. If an enemy troop is being shot at by two watch towers at once, instead of just one, he will be killed twice as fast and do less damage to your base.

Spread out your heroes evenly and put your rarest heroes in. This will give you better chances of success in the arena. When a hero gets to level 20 upgrade them at the altar so that they will keep leveling up. Opponents will battle you in the arena even when you are not actively playing the game, so having strong heroes that are upgraded and evenly spaced will lead to more victories and a rank that improves with less effort by you.

3. Build the Arena quickly to start getting Honor Badges.

This is the building that generates those HBs. The earlier you build it and the quicker you upgrade it, the better. As you increase your rank you will earn more per hour and be able to purchase more heroes at the Heroes’ Altar. You want your maximum of five heroes so that you will be stronger in the arena, and then you want to be continually hiring new heroes as they are killed.

4. Maximize your Army size.

To do this you must level up your town hall. This allows you to build more hero camps and army camps, which means you can have a bigger army that will give you a clear advantage in battles. The largest army will always have an early advantage.

5. Use your troops wisely and target the town hall.

Firstly, you want to choose opponents who have bases that look easy to destroy. If they have a town hall that looks easy to get to then you can probably score an easy win by taking it out, even if you don’t destroy 50% of their base.

Secondly, deploy your troops wisely. Your tanks have lots of health and target defensive buildings. If you send these in first they will attract fire for a while, making it safe for your weaker, faster and more damaging troops to make their mark before getting killed.

To Conclude

Castle Clash is a very cool game. The tips mentioned above will get you going on the right foot, but as you play you will find yourself coming up with your own strategies for success. Remember these five basic building blocks and you will be well on your way to being the King of the Castle!

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