Castle Clash review. Ready the troops for war!

The time for diplomacy has passed, your majesty, now ready the troops for war!

Now THIS is a fun and engaging game that gets you thinking. You can play it as the raging King who throws out armies of blunt force, or you can play it as the mindful King who wins by being tactful and conserving resources. Or you can do both. It’s a strategy game that looks simple at first, but as you play more layers of complexity are introduced. You will launch battles, build cities, hire troops and strive to become a tactical and powerful mastermind.

There are hours of fun here. It is actually a very in depth game that goes further than simply strategically laying out your city, collecting resources and raiding. Yes you can raid other cities for the basic resources of gold and mana, and doing so is awesome fun, but you can also go to battle in the arena using only your ‘hero’ units. Victories here will gain you honor points, which are important to the game. Other rare resources in the game include diamonds and hero shards.

But I’m guessing you are already addicted and engaged in battles across the realm. Here are the top cheats tips and tricks to help you master Castle Clash!

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