Circle Pong Review

Circle Pong Review from Mobilegames101

Here is our Circle Pong Review, a modern twist on an old classic game, very simple but difficult and addictive!

What is Circle Pong About?

The game is very straight forward, you have to keep the ball bouncing and keep it within the circle, if it goes outside the circle then it’s game over. You have to try and score as many points as you can, you get one point every time you hit/bounce the pong ball.

Circle Pong was created by App Cow LLC and it’s a free game to download.

How to Play Circle Pong

Circle Pong is a very simple game to play, well easy to learn but difficult to master!

To start the game you just tap the screen the and the bar (bouncer) will move to the right (anti clockwise) when you press the screen again the ball will drop and the bar will go to the left (clockwise) then you have to hit the ball and tap the screen again to keep the bouncing volley up. You should get the hang of it after a few tries but there is also a helpful tutorial which shows you a game playing and when you should be tapping the screen to catch the ball in time.

Our Circle Pong Review and Rating

So here is our Circle Pong Review, Circle Pong really strips gaming down to the basics, simple graphics with no in game purchases but it’s a great game and very addictive and recommended if you are playing with some friends too.

You cannot go wrong with Circle Pong, best of all it’s free to download too. It will provide hours of fun (and also some frustration) but the game is certainly rewarding when you get the hang of it.

We rate Circle Pong 8/10 and would recommend it as a great time killing game. We hope you liked our Circle Pong Review and keep a look out for more.

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