Clash of Clans strategy

Here is our Clash of Clans strategy:

To start: With regards to beginning Players you need to stand up and Secure your Money/Elixir storage’s they’ll be required afterwards to purchase Shield.

Afterwards: Afterwards you are going to require a Mortar you must place it in the center of the town in order to remove the soldiers at a time. Be sure to defend your own townhall folks also. Consider that your townhall is just keeping the money as well as elixir in case folks destroy that, they will have an instant triumph.

Hold the Mortar or Wizard Tower in the middle of your town. Additionally, maintain the Town Hall within the middle also. It’s best if you place additional defense close to them. After that, all over those you need to place the typical structures (army camps, barracks, builder’s hut and so on.). Spaced from the typical structures needs to be cannons and archer tower. Outside of the town needs to be comprised of gold storage’s, gold mine, elixir collection and elixir storage. When you’re an advanced level it isn’t an issue in case you drop a bit of gold/elixir in fights.

What follows is a excellent simple format for the starting town: Obviously the Town Hall remains safe and secure on every side by getting assaulted. The mortar may also be guarded.

1. Defend your own Town Hall!!
I am unable to point out exactly how essential this can be. After each fight, you would like the opponent to run having no stars or perhaps small assets. Therefore, how come it’s essential to defend the town hall? since it’s a fast triumph to the opponent if they ruins it as well as it holds assets.

2. Ensure it is hard to get to the mortar
Mainly in the beginning of your game, your mortar is definitely one of the essential towers. If you can, maintain it close to the middle of the town. Remember, the mortar are unable to attack soldiers near to it (within the red circle). The mortar is going to defend you, if you’re able to defend it.

3. Walls Walls WALLSSS!
These matters usually are valuable. While building your town, you should definitely know very well what is price placing in your walls. Having said that, you need to maintain structures in your walls as small as it can be, in order to not consume lot of wall edge. As stated before, you clearly should not depart your town hall or mortar going out in the center of anywhere. Next, everything you choose to wall up is recommended. All those are only the necessities.

4. Get them to pay!
After getting walled up the necessities, you’ll possess excess structures. Don’t spread all of them aimlessly over the map. Have them near the range of the towers. Not just to defend other structures, still to ensure your opponents pay for arriving at anywhere near the town.

If you have more Clash of Clans strategy tips – please send it to us.

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