Cookie Clickers cheats and tricks

A very simple game, Cookie Clickers, is highly addictive and its addiction is due to its simplicity. Just clicking on the screen can be so much fun! You will never know until you play.

Here are some great Cookie Clickers tips and cheats that can improve your game.

Way to collect more cookies

Tapping at the center of the screen is a one good way to increase your cookies’ heap; however, if you want to enlarge your collected mount too many folds then try to use multiple taps – use more than single finger. This game will select your every tap and you will get more cookies.

As the game go forward, your cookies will be dunked in milk. With this multiplier, you can even improve your scores more, as game keeps the record of per second click along with overall total.

Bonus Bonus Bonus!

Cookie meter gets full when you collect more and more cookies. This meter is a “bonus cookies” gateway. When it becomes full, you will hear alert noise and so many larger cookies will fill up your screen. Tap as many as you may and your score will boast up to even 800+ bonus. Tap them without any time limits.

Keep an eye on Chocolate Meter

Through chocolate meter, you can earn huge pile of cookies in a very short time. It sets your score temporarily on 10x after every 5 minutes. This time is a perfect to tap as much cookies as you can.

Invest wisely in Factories

Investing in factories is a good way to augment your cookies production. Always start with small when you invest; this is the rule to follow in Cookie Clickers. Set up grandma initially, she is cheapest but can help to perk up your hoard. After it, move forward towards the C-Robot and CookieFarm and then spend some serious cookies. It is a Cookie Clickers tip: the more you spend – the more you get.

Make good use of Autoclick and Powerclick

It is wise to use these power-ups in your game. The Autoclick is a simple way to double your clicks. It makes one extra click for every tap. The Powerclick is helpful for multiplying meter automatically. Use them to enhance your Cookie Mountain.

Utilize these Cookie Clickers tips in your game and see the difference they create.

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