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There are probably hundreds if not thousands of cool free apps around these days across iOS and Android, the saying “there is an app for everything” has definitely become a reality in today’s technology dominated age.

We are going to list some of our personal favourites that we feel have a place among the best cool free apps available at the moment. For each App we will provide an overview and details on how the App works , no doubt most of you are already using some of them.

Number 1 of our cool free Apps list – WhatsApp


WhatsApp is an instant messaging App that was founded in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees, it was recently acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for a colossal figure of $19 billion dollars. WhatsApp is probably one of the most popular cool free apps available at the moment. It’s really a must have App for keeping in contact with friends and family via instant messages and also for sharing photographs and videos.

How the App works?

WhatsApp is very straightforward, once you have downloaded the App it shows all of your contacts from your mobile contacts whom are also using the App.  You can start instant messaging chats, sending photos and videos with your contacts using WhatsApp straight away. It’s very useful and the popularity is growing massively month by month.


Number 2 – Shazam


Shazam is fantastic creation that identifies music from playing a part of the song via the Smartphone’s built in microphone. Shazam has actually been around quite a while, it was founded in 1999 but only over the last few years has it really started to take off and become a hit. The company is mainly known for their music technology but they have expanded their business towards integration with TV, Cinema and retail too.

How the App works?

After a short clip has been played close to the Smartphone (with the app running) it searches via the Shazam database to find out information about music such as Artist, song title and album name.
The reason we feel it deserves a place on our cool free apps list is because it really does solve a common day issue, whether you are out and hear a catchy song or just listening to the radio and want to find out the song or Artist name it’s a great way of finding out quickly.


Number 3 – Dubsmash


Dubsmash is a new comer compared with the Apps we have mentioned but it’s really grown in popularity recently as quite simply it’s brilliant. Dubsmash is a video messaging App with a fun twist that’s available on iOS and Android.

How the App works?

The idea of the App is to make funny videos of yourself or friends but with the voice over of a celebrity , perhaps your favourite movie star or actor from a TV series it really has a lot of different sounds available.
All you need to do is learn the phrase or sound that you want to record perhaps it’s “get to the chopper” or “Beam me up scotty”. There are some lengthy film quotes etc too and you record yourself pretending to say the phrase/sound with your lips. Once you are done it adds the phrase to the video so it looks like your saying the phrase but with the selected voice over. It does take a bit of practice but it’s great fun and without doubt one of the up and coming top cool free Apps around at the moment.

We hope you have found our post on our favourite cool free apps useful and perhaps you will add some of them to your own App collection, they are all available on iOS and Android and just take a few seconds to download so what are you waiting for.

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