Cost saving tips to get cheaper downloads from Itunes and Google Play Store

For most of us budgeting our money can be a difficult task, whether it’s for essentials such as food and drink or downloading new App’s or music so here is a tip that I hope will help some of you out with saving a bit of money towards your purchases from Itunes or Google Play Store.

It’s really quite simple, with the use of vouchers you can save money!

Google Play VoucherItunes Voucher

Here is how it works so you can start saving money

The technique is very simple, purchase Itunes OR Google Play vouchers from sites such as Ebay, A LOT of people receive vouchers as gifts these days whether it’s for a Birthday, Graduation or Christmas and a quite a lot of the time they become ‘unwanted gifts’ whether that’s due to someone no longer using there device or even not owning one (yes that happens too, believe it or not).

If you do a search on Ebay you will vouchers available for both Itunes and Google Play below the voucher value, I would suggest sticking to Auctions with low starting bids rather than buy it now auctions as you have a much better chance of getting a good deal. If you get your timing right and of course with a bit of luck you could easily save 25%+ purchasing the vouchers via auctions which for a regular down loader and App/Music buyer adds up to a lot of money.

January time is always a really good time to effectively ‘stock up’ on some vouchers as you tend to get a wave of them listing as unwanted Christmas Presents and they NEVER sell for the actual value and most of the time the Buyer will offer to scratch off and send you the code via email so you can get it credited to your account though if you are going to consider this make sure you are buying from a reputable buyer.

Word of Warning

Of course like everything there are some dishonest people out there so to help avoid running into some problems such as buying a voucher that is already used I can suggest the below ‘Tips’

  1. Check the Listing Photograph, does it show the back part? if so is it unscratched?
  2. If the picture doesn’t look real (i.e. just taken from Google images) then request the buyer to send you the actual photo of it, you can even go one step closer and get them to write your Ebay user name on a bit of paper and include it on the photograph
  3. Make sure you work out the total purchase, amazingly people are selling £20 vouchers for £18 but with £3 posting cost so you actually end up paying an extra £1 than the voucher is worth! so always check the postage as it should 99% of the time be free.
  4. I hope you have found these tips useful and hope it helps save you a bit of money.

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