CraftedBattle Cheats

CraftedBattle is precisely a Minecraft first-person shooter against bots. The blocks and every character are Minecraft, only the addition of shotguns and assault rifles makes it apart from Minecraft. But there are other interesting new stuffs too.

It gets a little more exciting that they have added a map editor to this game. It works well that you can easily tweak existing maps. You can choose block types, add or move terrain, adjust spawn points and many more options for you. Eventually you can have yourself a whole new map right after you’ve chosen some basic conditions which include the map height, block type and terrain type. After you get this all done and saved it, you can now start playing.

It is not just the map that you can customize but as well as the death match experience. You might want to have yourself a more exciting and wilder match. You can set the bots in a battle to a maximum of 15, split soldiers into teams, or set how quick health regenerates.

Despite the fact that the game has extravagant designs, it still remains to run smoothly which is quite impressive. However the default look sensitivity default setting is way too low, so you might feel the need to go to option settings and adjust it to at least High.

You can certainly have fun with CraftedBattle yet it is a very limited experience, aside from the fact that it is a derivative of Minecraft. Yes, maybe it can cost you a dollar less but considering the vast gaming options available on the App store of the same price, it seems a bit too opportunistic.

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