Crime City : cheats

Here are some Crime City cheats:

Crime City is one of the latest games represented on Facebook. If you love crime games, this is just for you! Play the game and gain your desired reputation in the criminal world!

We suggest you to read the information below on the details and nuances concerning the Crime City Game, especially if you’re a newbie. Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether you’re addicted to this game, or you’re taking your first steps, it would be fine to take into account the following cheats and helpful suggestions to become more skillful in the tricky parts of the game. Thus, you’ll acquire the key to your success in this really attractive game!

Well, the Criminal City gives you the opportunity to be engaged in a number of interesting activities. You can get down to your own business, thus increasing your wealth, and also power in the criminal world. As a result, you’ll obtain respect and rewards. So, this is really cool!

Now, let’s go into details.

Crime City Cheats – Fast and Easy Money

If you’re trying to find the easiest and fastest ways to obtain money and become rich, we propose you to take the following steps. Well, all you need is just going to the carnival and returning to your hood again. As a result, you’ll gain $1000 on your each visit. Happily enough, there are no limits restricting your visits to the carnival, so you can easily repeat the same action until you get your desired amount of money.

Fast Construction

According to the game rules, you need to earn materials in order to carry out the city construction activities. This may require lots of time from you. Luckily enough, you have got an opportunity to cut it short by managing your construction faster, thus becoming a king – you just need to turn to your friends on Facebook for some help, and ask them to send some construction materials to you, which will, quite naturally, contribute to your construction business.

Here, you may face the problem of having few friends on Facebook. Don’t get upset! There is another option that we suggest you to take – you are free to find other Facebook friends, who are engaged in playing this game, too, by just opening the official Crime City page on Facebook, and adding those Facebook users, who have made their comments on the wall. Don’t forget to make your own comment when you find a friend’s request!

Crime City Cheats – Coin Farming for Money and Bonuses

The fact, that the Crime City buildings are quite affordable, may become a perfect chance for you to earn lots of money. So, you should use these buildings, that is to say, you should make some investments. The basketball court is considered as one of such buildings, which doesn’t require much space (as the Laundromat does), and will bring you 315 coins per day for the price of 260 coins; you’ll get this also through one-steel building. For a greater success, a number of basketball courts should be constructed and improved minimum 3 times during each 24 hours: as a result, you’ll obtain 787 coins on each court.

In case you need to add more basketball courts, but you don’t possess enough space to do this, you can visit the store, in order to buy an eraser that will enable you to cross out all the useless roads. Taking the roads away, won’t affect your success, because these roads are just decorations. Thus, you’ll get more advantages of having the necessary areas for more buildings, which is important for getting more money and gaining more authority.

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