CSR Racing: cheats

Here are top CSR Racing cheats:

Race Refreshing

Open Settings, then General, choose Data and Time, and turn off Set Automatically. Now, choose Set Date and Time, and adjust the time settings 1 day forward. This is the way how you can renew and refresh your race at any rate!

Faster Cars

If you want to increase the speed of your vehicle, you don’t need to let the green light go on while shifting. The moment the 3 lights are on, you need to press Shift. This will make your car run faster!

CSR Racing cheats – Filling up Fuel

In case you’ve got “0” fuel, or if you’re short of it, you should open Settings, and adjust your time 1 day forward. As soon as you resume your game, you’ll find the fuel replenished for 100%!

Unlimited Free Gas

You’ve got a perfect opportunity of receiving unlimited free gas. All you need is to open Settings, then go to General, and choose Date and Time. Afterwards, you need to turn off Set Automatically, and go to Set Date and Time, and adjust the time settings 1 hour forward!

CSR Racing cheats – Unlimited Free Gold

There is another fine opportunity to enjoy – this is the opportunity of getting unlimited free gold. For this purpose, you should open Settings, go to General, and then, to Date and Time settings. After doing this, you should turn off Set Automatically, and go to Set Date and Time option. In this case, you need to adjust your settings 1 month forward, in order to obtain additional free gold. If you need more, you are free to repeat the same action again and again.

Easily Acquired Cars and Parts

If you wish to get an easy way of obtaining vehicles and their parts, you should open Settings, choose General, and then go to Date and Time settings. Afterwards, you need to adjust the time settings 1 hour forward. Thus, you can have new vehicles and vehicle parts.

CSR Racing cheats – More Gold

You can get more gold, if you purchase an upgrade (it is done by cash). Remember, when you’re asked to wait or to do import at once, you should go to Settings, and adjust Date settings 1 month forward, then you need to return to CSR. In the end, you should import in a meanwhile, which will bring you lots of gold (800).


The CSR Racing is really a very entertaining game to play. This is a way to import such kind of racing into the world of iOS. When you start playing the game, you’ll find a number of various options, such as Regulation Racing that enables you to organize a racing against yourself; Ladder Races give an opportunity to race against more advanced competitors, thus making your race more challenging; Crew Battles organizes a racing “battle” through which you can get to the gearheads’ boss; Daily Battles that are foreseen to be organized 3 times a day. Moreover, you’ll be able to choose between 5 different worlds or tires to play the game.

Well, as you choose your vehicle and the racing type you’re going to play, the countdown starts going. Now, you can press the accelerator and get prepared for a great start! When you’re already having your race, you just need to tap the gear-shift! You will be able to buy Nitro when you earn enough money, and then use it to make more progress. Well, usually, the race takes some 20 minutes, and the race is carried out in direction – just straight down!

The IAP system makes this game quite an exciting one to play and get real fun! You need to earn more and more money and gold in order to be able to purchase new cars and their parts, improve your paint-jobs and tune-ups, etc. In fact, it’s not a very simple thing to earn them for you have to win races to fulfill your goals. As you proceed, you are being constantly told to purchase this or that gorgeous vehicle, or get more advanced parts and options for your vehicle, or to upgrade the tires, etc. Just imagine what a pity it is if you can afford all these!

Anyway, you are allowed to have a certain number of races, so your earnings are somewhat limited. You can view this in the menu (gas-gauge). As each race decreases the amount of gas, you’ll need to wait for the gas increase again. As for the waiting period, you are free to spend some money and bypass it. There is a thing to know concerning earning more gold – you’ll be asked to show your scores or achievements throughout the game, thus receiving more wealth.

So, the CSR racing gives you an opportunity to appear in a world full of challenges, and try to pass through the ordeals put in front of you. The game creators haven’t intended to make a deep game; in fact, they have just tried to take you to a world of fun for a few minutes! Playing this perfect game, you’re really becoming addicted to it, and its graphic solutions and sound effects. The only negative feature of the game is the IAP system, which is likely to take as much time from you as you just intend to spend on playing the game. If you have more CSR Racing cheats – send it to us

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