Danger Dragon Review

If you enjoyed playing the legendary game Flappy Birds then Danger Dragon is definitely a game for you and a great contender to the top list of great (and addictive) games.

Danger Dragon has very recently launched (on 17th December) and was created by Pure Virtual Studios. The 8bit game offers a creative, addictive and overall very fun to play ‘thumb bashing’ 2D side scrolling game experience.

What is Danger Dragon About?

The goal of the game is to overcome basic obstacles and bosses and progress as far as you can through the game but the further you progress the more intense and difficult the game gets. You must also keep your energy bar
filled by picking up coins throughout the level, if you miss too many coins then your energy bar will drop to zero which means GAME OVER!

You can also unlock cool Dragon costumes with the coins you collect so the more coins you get the more costumes you collect. There are also score multipliers that increase your reward on coin streaks.

How to Play Danger Dragon?

Danger Dragon is a very simple game to play, you simply need to tap the screen with your thumb (or finger) to make the Dragon go up – by default the dragon will always drop down to the bottom of the screen until you tap the screen again to make him go up (if you let the dragon drop to the very bottom of the screen it’s Game Over) so you can guide him through the level to collect the coins and avoid the obstacles.

Throughout the level you can also collect power-ups to help you progress through the level, there are six power-ups in total;

1. Viking fury = Makes you invincible to the obstacles for a limited time (makes the dragon flash).

2. Treasure magnet = Coins will automatically come to you for a period of time.

3. Mini mode = Makes you smaller for a period of time.

4. Blink =  Makes the dragon blink in and out randomly, from invisible to visible again for a period of time.

5. Gravity flip = turns the game’s gravity upside-down so that the dragon falls upward and tapping makes the dragon flap downward.

6. Fast forward = Speeds up the game for a period of time.

Our overall Danger Dragon Review and rating

I have been playing Danger Dragon myself for the last few days and really struggled to find any flaws with it. It possesses all the attributes of a great game; creative, addictive, straight forward and not to forget free to play.

Yes, it does contain some adverts but they are fairly strategically placed so they do not run mid game, only at the beginning menu part of the game which doesn’t cause any game play interference issues at all.

It’s no surprise the game already has over twenty 5-star reviews and we definitely recommend Danger Dragon and certainly hope it gets the recognition it deserves!

MobileGames101 Rate Danger Dragon 10/10 – a must have game.

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