Deadman’s Cross Tips and Tricks

Square Erix again developed an amazing card battling game – Deadman’s Cross – for Android and iOS users; but this time, the strategy is Zombie Apocalypse fighting. This game is about an area in which the residents have been turned into zombies. Somehow, one man survived this frail situation and went out to see the whole city after three months and he is You!

In this game, you have to build your own zombie army to fight by killing them. There are several types of zombies you can hunt down; they turn into your own card collection. Each of them has its own capabilities and powers, which help in completing missions. Here given are some Deadman’s Cross tricks and hints to improve your play.

Shoot Easily:

You usually have a sniper rifle to shoot. It doesn’t matter where you shoot; anywhere will work.

Different is better:

You don’t have to shoot a same zombie many times because once hoard to your collection, it’s done! Go for other types of zombies to catch them. You can tell by the shape of the shadow if a new zombie arrives.

Invite as many friends as you can:

There’s no limit – have as much friends as you can. You can send your invite code to others for rewards. Friends are the best way to gain Silver Chick because they can send it to you directly and you can send to them.

Trading rare cards with your friends is also a good way to improve your card collection. You can use Silver chicks to enhance your unit powers and it is also the currency for trading.

Augment Zombie Power:

You will find ‘boosts’ during game-play, feed them to your rare zombies to increase their statistics and powers. You can also feed lower power cards to the better ones to make them stronger.

Check your connection:

To make this game work properly, you must have a strong internet connection to stay connected. Bad internet connection can really be a pain for frequently kicking out of the battles and that’s what you don’t want.

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