Despicable Me: Minion Rush cheats

Move those little yellow legs! It’s yet another version of an infinite runner game, but it is done with the style and fun of the Despicable Me franchise. Run, dodge, duck, weave, slide and jump your way around obstacles and collect bananas on your way to becoming minion of the year!

Here are the 6 top tips, tricks and cheats you will need to master Minion Rush.

1. Unlock Gift Code prizes

Free stuff! If you go into Options at the bottom of the menu, then tap on the gift icon, you will find the gift code slider. If you can enter the correct combinations you will receive up to five free perks. These combos change with every game update. If you are patient you can find all five unlocks by scrolling through every possible combination, (which is what I just did…), but to save you time here are the current five winning combinations:

  • Baby: Normal minion – Firefighter minion – Baby Minion
  • x5 Score Perks: Baby Minion – Hula Minion – Golfing Minion
  • x5 Banana Perks: Baby Minion – Firefighter minion – Maid Minion
  • Loser Taunt: Maid Minion – Normal Minion – Golfing Minion
  • x3 Minion Launcher: Hula Minion – Firefighter Minion – Inspector Minion (brown hat).

That Baby outfit costs 20,000 bananas in the store. You just got it for free. You’re welcome.

2. Maximize Banana Collection

All of the upgrades in the game depend on bananas, so pick up as many as you can! There are a few tricks to getting extra bananas for upgrades. You can re-run levels you have already beaten in order to add to your stockpile, and you can also try and stay in Boss Battles for a bit longer to get extra bananas there.

3. The Unicorn Mini-game

As soon as the fluffy unicorn is unlocked in the store, get it. Then whenever you see it appear on screen during the game try and pick it up. If you can you will enter a mini-game that is FULL of bananas. Tilt your smart phone to steer and you can grab a bucket load of them.

4. Secret Disco Room

When in the Guru’s lab level look out for a trail of bananas that lead away from the track, on the right hand side, next to a pipe. Swipe Dave the Minion in that direction and you will pick up the Disco Room bonus game!

5. Get that Score Multiplier Up

A higher score multiplier means more bananas. There are two easy ways to get score multipliers. The first is to buy a character suit that comes with a score multiplier and the second is to run into and squash other minions that you see running on the track.

6. How to take out the boss: Vector

You want to dodge the big units that he drops in front of you, but when you see a shielded unit make sure to fire it right back at him. By tapping on them they will explode and be fired at his ship. The trick is to not forget to keep dodging obstacles whilst tapping!

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