Disco Zoo: Top Cheats to raise your Animal population

Disco Zoo is a game which makes you zoo owner, and you have to improve your zoo for attracting more visitors and keeping news reporters happy. The key to perk up your zoo is by increasing the animals’ population. Here given are some Disco Zoo tips and tricks that can help you in this regard.

Pay attention loosely or buy ZooPedia:

To gather animals for your zoo, it is necessary that animals’ tiles are collected. These tiles remain same for similar animals. There are two things you can do for this:

  • Remember the patterns of tile for every animal.
  • If you cannot remember, you can buy ZooPedia for $2.99.

Animals tiles can be in connection; look closely

Try to have a closer looks on tiles. When you complete one animal tile, there is a possibility that next animal pattern is surrounding it. Make the rescue useful.

Don’t make haste for the Disco Parties

DiscoBux shouldn’t be wasted; disco parties at the start are the one way to do it. First improve your level, so that Discos can become beneficial for you. When you are at good level, your zoo will earn you an income for these parties.

Gain rewards by finding animals

Keep your eyes open in the main zoo area. Check the right top corner for screen to see the notifications from the zookeeper. Whenever there is news of missing animal, act instantly. In the reward, you may get few thousand coins or the most desired prize of the game i.e. DiscoBux.

Easiest way to have free rescues

Watch ads whenever you get time. After every few hours, you have been given with the opportunity to get 5 free attempts by watching video ads. This is the very best way to have animals without giving away anything.

Make all animals awake before quitting and while playing

Make sure that your animals remain active whenever you are in the zoo, and when you are quitting the game because sleeping animals don’t produce good amount of money.

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