Don’t Step the White Tiles: Cheats and Tricks

Don’t Step the White Tiles is a puzzle game in which stages are made up on black and white tiles. You have to step only on the black tiles while avoiding the white ones. If, however, you stepped on a white tile, you will become a feast for a shark and that will be a ‘game over’ for you.

If you want to improve your game, look at these Don’t Step the White Tiles tips and tricks.

Concentrate and React Instantly

On screen you will see black and white tiles. You have to step on the black tiles as quick as possible because they are randomly appearing. It requires a good collaboration of eyes and hands to improve this game. You need to act immediately but keep away from the white tiles.

Don’t Step the White Tiles Games Modes and Strategies

There are three ways you can play Don’t Step the White Tiles.

Time Attack Mode

In time attack you have to complete 50 steps in a row while your time is being recorded. From the first step to the last, you cannot make any mistake, otherwise you will have to start all over again. Try to make a continuous rhythm of your moves and practice it, soon you will start to know where the next tile will appear.

Long Run Mode

You are given 11secs and you have to step at as many tiles as you can. If you made 50 steps in the given time then 10 more seconds will be gifted to you and you will continue the game.

Sudden Stop Mode

In this mode, you have to make as much steps as possible in 10 seconds total. You will see the clock till 5 seconds is passed then it will disappear and you will have to, by guess, continue taking steps until whole 10 seconds are done. Remember you cannot take any more steps when 10 seconds are over, if you do then it is game over. Lookout for the shark yelling stop, it is the time to stop.


Concentrate on the game and try to get more steps in a single game. It will unlock additional shoes, using them will enhance your fun.

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