DragonVale review and playing tips

Here are a few ways of receiving more gems in DragonVale. So, even though, you earn from making friends and going to their parks, this cannot be considered as much. Anyway, all that you earn this way is worthy than anything else. If you visit your friends’ islands, in order to take part in the parties being organized there, and touch their party hats, you’ll be granted some rewards: the sum of money will be in accordance with the size of your park at the time you pay a visit to the given island.

Dealing via Gems

In DragonVale you will have opportunities to purchase rare dragons and eggs through the usage of your germs, and you can also buy other necessary things in the market. As for your purchases, you’ll have to give 2.500 gems for a rainbow dragon, and 1.000 gems for a fog dragon, etc.

Playing Faster

The absence of the necessary amount of money and gems will cause your game to go on slowly. In this concern, the gems are of vital importance for your DragonVale speed, concerning both to the dragon growth and to the island purchases.

Park Tending

You should know that gems in DragonVale are also important for your park. As far as you have rocks, bushes and trees in your park, you can’t be ignorant to it, and you should clear the bushes, create nurseries or places for breeding. On the other hand, you shouldn’t forget that the larger your plants or rocks are, the larger amount of gems will be needed to clearance of the park.

Getting Bone Dragons

For this purpose, you’ll need to breed the Earth Dragon (level 10) with a Fire Dragon (level 10). Well, you should set the Earth one on the left side, and the Fire one on the right side, and then, you should wait during the incubation period (10 hours) for hatching the Dragonvale Bone Dragon. As for the Bone Dragon, it needs to be placed in an earth or fire environment in order to have a successful growth.

Breeding a Moon Dragon

To breed a Moon Dragon, you should place the following dragons in a cave – the Sonic Dragon (level 10) on the left, and the Storm Dragon (level 10) on the right, at 630 – 642 (Eastern Time Zone).

Getting a Lava Dragon

In this case, you should breed a Fire Dragon with an Earth one.

Breeding a Seaweed Dragon

For this purpose, you need to breed or buy a Marsh Dragon and a Water one. Then, you should start breeding them until they become mature. The Marsh Dragon should be placed on the plant side, and the Water one on the water side (look up in the market, and pay attention to the little flags). The turnout egg should be in green, and should have stripes.

Getting a Rainbow Dragon

In this case, you should breed an Ice Dragon and a Blazing one, no matter which level it is.

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