Farm Heroes Saga: cheats to improve the game

Farm Heroes Saga is a match-three game by King. Collecting the right crops, getting animals on your way and beating Rancid the Raccoon can be achieved with these Farm Heroes Saga tips and tricks. Use them to improve your games.

Don’t stick to match-three moves:

When you have ‘moves’ in your hand, you get plenty of time to think about every move. Arrange them accordingly. Make sure you match crops and other things in rows of ‘4’,’5’ or make ‘L’ or ‘T’ shape. This will improve your score and you can win the board in fewer moves. Matching more than three moves have special properties also. Like when you make 5 crops in a row, every similar crop on the board will get clear to be added in your collectibles.

Utilize the Hero Mode

When you complete a level with remaining moves in hands, Hero Mode is activated. You will see multipliers in this mode. If you have many moves then left some multipliers to be used in the end where they can help you to score even better.

Clearing Rancid the Raccoon is easy; save your beans

Don’t waste your beans here. At the initials stages, these levels are very easy. Give them a try and clear them without wasting the beans. Use them in later stages to buy boosters.

Go for the Flowers at the beginning

When you have flowers in the game, make them first. Only make their surrounding crops, this way you will get more space on the board to play when the flowers get clear.

Unlock gates only with the Gold

Don’t waste your gold on other things. Only spend the gold to unlock gates. Don’t buy extra moves with it, try to repeat the stage and only use it if you are highly sure that you can complete the level with gold; but only do it when the stage is really hard.

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