Fighting games for Android – Top 5

The top 5 Fighting games for android, what are they? well today we hope to answer that question.

We are going to list our top 5 fighting games for Android (most of them are also be available on iOS platform too). For each game we will give an overview and our verdict/rating from Mobilegames101.

So without further ado here are our favourite and top 5 rated fighting games for Android;

Number 1 – Blood and Glory

Fighting games for Android

Blood and Glory is an absolute beast among the fighting games available on Android at the moment. It was developed by Glu whom are well known for making Deer Hunter, Contract Killer, Dino Hunter and many more epic games. Blood and Glory is considered a ‘swipe and slash’ fighting game that’s easy to pickup but takes so effort to master and progress through the game.

Here’s why Blood and Glory get’s top place on our top 5 Fighting games for Android

1. The graphics are absolutely fantastic.
2. The game play is epic, the game run’s very smoothly like you are playing a games console.
3. It’s a full on gory game which appeals to a lot of gamers as its realistic.
4. You can customize and upgrade your warrior throughout the game.
5. It’s not a simple game that you breeze through in an hour, it actually takes some time playing it to get used to the game style and to progress through each fight.
6. Did I mention the graphics are amazing? oh yea but that’s worth a double mention!

We have also done a post on Blood and Glory Tips and Tricks which you might find useful: Blood and Glory Tips and also Blood and Glory Free Rubies which may also be helpful.

Our Rating; An Epic game that without a shadow of doubt get’s our full recommendation and rating.

Graphics: 10/10
Game play: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Number 2 – Real Boxing

real boxing

Real Boxing
was developed by Vivid Games SA and it has certainly done very well in terms of popularity. The game offers a realistic arcade boxing experience with career and multiplayer modes.

Here’s why Real Boxing get’s a place on our top 5 Fighting games for Android

1. It’s a FREE game.
2. It offers jaw-dropping and realistic graphics. (Unreal Engine-powered graphics).
3. The game play is fantastic as well as the in game sounds.
4. Real time multiplayer mode. (Hundreds of hours of game play).
5. Weekly Tournaments – compete for a chance to win real prizes as well as in game ones.
6. You can create and completely customize your own boxer with several different unlockable appearance options including: tattoos, hairstyles and more.
7. The game is regularly updated to keep you playing and it remains FREE.

Our Rating; we highly recommend Real Boxing, if you are looking for a realistic fighting game with top level graphics for free then Real Boxing Game is certainly for you.

Graphics: 9/10
Game play: 9.5/10
Overall: 8.5/10

Number 3 – Injustice Gods Among Us


No top fighting games for Android list would be complete without including a Marvel/DC comics game and for us Injustice Gods Among us deserved a mention without question.

Injustice Gods Among Us
was developed by NetherRealm Studios, High Voltage software and Armature Studio and of course publish by the renowned Warner Bros. It was initially released November 2013 (April 2013 on iOS) and has proved to be a massive hit among Marvel/DC fans and gamers alike.

The game play involves 1 on 1 matches with your favourite DC characters including Superman and Batman within a two dimensional plane (a bit like Tekken, Mortal Kombat etc). Each player has two health (or HP) bars and the game has 4 buttons in total for light, medium and strong attacks with the forth button used for the characters unique ability for example Batman can summon bats and Superman can have a short stat boost.

Here’s why Injustice Gods Among us get’s a place on our top 5 Fighting games for Android

1. It’s FREE to play.
2. It’s really a must have for any Marvel/DC comic or movie fan.
4. The graphics are full rendered HD and offer a console like gaming experience on your handset or tablet.
3. There is a level up system so you can build your own move set, upgrade your character powers and also upgrade your gear.
4. It has an online multiplayer mode so you can compete against other players worldwide.
5. It’s regularly updated for FREE which is always a great feature and makes the game appealing.

Our Rating; If you do not own a games console then playing Injustice Gods will make you think you do! an excellent all rounder Action game that is great fun and offers hours of fun.

Graphics: 9/10
Game play: 9/10
Overall: 8.9/10

Number 4 – Punch Hero

Punch Hero

Punch Hero is quite different to the other Apps we have included on our top 5 fighting games for Android list but it’s quite a cartoony game from a graphics point of few but that aside we do like the game play and style it offers so don’t be put off by the graphics completely.

Punch Hero is an App by GAMEVIL Inc thats been around for a couple of years now and don’t get me wrong it’s done really well but at MobileGames101 we are a bit more of a Real Boxing Fan (Sorry Punch Hero). As always we strongly recommend you try the game yourself and make your own decision, these views are just our own opinion that we want to share.

Here’s why Punch Hero get’s a place on our top 5 Fighting games for Android

1. The game offers fun 3D cartoon graphics which do appeal to some gamer styles.
2. The Graphics aside it is a very addictive game.
3. You can fully customize your character with beards, glasses, costumes and more with the in-game costume shop.
4. Add your own face (or a friends OR enemy!), now this is an awesome feature and one of the main reasons we added into our top list.
5. There are lots of Gamecenter achievements that you can compete against your friends with which keeps the game interesting.

Our Rating; If your into more cartoony/animated action games then this is right up your street, it’s a fun game and the feature of adding yours or someone else’s face into the game makes it a winner for us.

Graphics: 6.5/10
Game play: 7/10
Overall: 8/10

Number 5 – Soulcalibur


Now we are onto our final and number 5 of our top Fighting games for Android. Soulcalibur is an absolute classic, I can remember playing this on the Dreamcast and it was probably one of best fighting games I have played.

A lot of you are probably wondering why on earth Soulcalibur is number 5 and I just want to be clear why we have put it here. The game, graphics, game play and everything is absolutely fantastic without question but for us there is one problem with the game and that’s the price, it costs £8.58 / $14.99 USD which is very steep for a Gaming App – especially given how many epic paid App’s you could buy for $14.99 (probably 5-7 realistically). If you do have the budget and funds to shell out for it then don’t get me wrong it’s worth it but for me it’s just a bit too steep.

Here’s why Soulcalibur get’s a place on our top 5 Fighting games for Android

1. It’s an absolute Classic and if you owned the game on Dreamcast you will definitely love it and get to “relive” the old school gaming experience.
2. 19 characters to chose from (Kilik was always a winner!). It’s also been mentioned that the character moves have been recreated to add a bit of a twist.
3. A new Virtual pad to help with game play and with the button layout how you will remember it from the classic.
4. Classic Arcade mode where you have to battle through and defeat all enemies to make it to the end.
5. Time Attack – beat the game as quickly as you can.
6. Survival and Extra survival mode.
7. Museum – in game artwork (glad this is still included).
8. Practice mode – the only way to master the game is to practice.

Our Rating; Absolutely love Soulcalibur but not really loving the high cost to download, without the cost element its without doubt the best fighting game hands down.

Graphics: 10/10
Game play: 10/10
Overall: 8/10

We hope you have enjoyed reading our top rated fighting games for Android list and hope you drop by again.

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