Fionna fights: cheats

Fionna Fights – Adventure Time is now out on the App store which gathered a rating of 3 out of 5 stars in reviews earlier today. Are you so hooked up with it but struggle to keep your energy meter? Or find it hard to hit a chain of combo? Well, read through some of our Fionna fights cheats.

If you encounter two or more enemies that are in perfect alignment with each other, you must tap the enemy which is the farthest from Fionna. In this way, she’ll blast off through all of them giving you a combo-boosted score.

Take note that you will lose some of your energy when you tap on the screen that is not exactly over an enemy. You will also lose energy if there are enemies that travel off the left-hand side of the screen. Be watchful and alert since losing your energy means losing your turn.

Get yourself equipped with the energy upgrade potion to spare yourself from running out of energy. When this is activated, potions will pop up on the playing field and you will be able to tap on the potions and soon you’ll find your energy meter boost up.

The Shield Potion upgrade temporarily stops any enemy from disappearing of the left-hand side of the screen. You should get this potion at the early stage of the game to prevent an early end.

The Freeze Potion upgrade will stop everything on the screen in its place. However don’t be too hasty to tap away all enemies, try to take out more than one at once to get some decent combo points.

There are 4 different swords in Fionna Fights and each of them can be upgraded 3 times at most. The Golden Sword provides you with a more powerful dash attack, the Root Sword creates an explosive tough to your damage, the Crystal Sword enables the user to cast crystal shard in the sky, and the ultimate Demon Sword vanishes everything that comes in contact with it.

For you to get as many gems you need, you have to take as many enemies as possible. Every time you destroy an enemy, a gem will be added to your inventory. You also have to keep in mind that some enemies need to be hit several times until you get the gem out of them. If you have more Fionna fights cheats – send it to us!

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