Flappy Wings Cheats and Tricks to improve game

Since Flappy Bird has gone out of the picture, new games like Flying Cyrus and Splashy Fish has taken its place in Android and iOS market. Among them all, Flappy Wings is the center of all attraction now a day.

Let’s see for how long Flappy Wings will stay, till then, here are some tips for those who are looking to score high in Flappy Wings.

Do not lose your focus

While playing Flappy Wings, keep one thing in mind and that is “stay focused”. If you get distracted a slightest you can lose a chance of scoring some decent scores. Also try to ignore pooping and farting bird while playing, as it can become a main cause of distraction.

Use taps with measurement

Dreadful columns can be avoided if you use your taps with measurement. Tap once or twice for clearing up the pipe easily.

Check before tap

Don’t make haste in tapping soon as it may result in banging in the obstacle. Before tapping, see if you have enough space to move bird clearly.

Don’t blink too much

When playing Flappy Wings, be sure that you don’t blink too much as it can lose your focus. Blink as much as you want before or after game but not in between the game.

Take a break while playing

Playing constantly can be stressful for someone. To keep yourself stress free, take a time off while playing. Don’t let the game get into your head.

Don’t move from your position

If you are scoring the best scores on Flappy Wings, don’t move from your position. Let the best scores come in from the position you are in while playing Flappy Wings.

These Flappy Wings tips can surely increase your scores. Have fun!

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