Flick home run cheats

For baseball lovers, Flick Home Run is a game they will never forget to play. It offers almost the same excitement when playing the real sport: running, throwing the ball, hitting player etc., but nothing can exceed the great joy when we talk about how good your skill is when hitting the ball.

One unique thing in this game is you play the most important part in the game, as a batter whose ability solely depends on flicking baseball. In fact, you will play the game started from a dotted-line screen where you will find the pitched ball. Just swipe the screen to hit the ball, but first determine the path and how strong you will pitch the ball because the flight of your ball determined by them. You will see different look of your ball when you have different pitches, In some cases, you can even find some special pitches, but they will revealed only after your ball have crossed the screen dotted line.

In primary mode, you will find a life bar, given to you as a notification whenever your rival tries to catch pop flies made by you. The bar will decrease whenever you get a bat and when a ball is missed, but it will also replenish everytime you got a dinger.

Basically, you will find 5 mode inside the game, even though you can play only 3 (Minor Challenge, Multiplayer, and Training) because only pros can be familiar with the remaining. Test your skills by playing Training Mode, then continue to Minor challenge to move to the test grounds where you have 15 challenges to be completed. When you need higher challenge, you can test your skill with other player within Multiplayer mode via GameCenter. At this mode, the game will be over when you have filled up your life bar or your opponent has. When you have high scores and skills, you can move to the Major challenge and Moonstar which are specially made for pros.

It is a bit disappointment when you realize that Major challenge is not too much different from Minor challenge, while the another one just give you limited balls you should use to hit so many body in the sky just to get some points. Another annoying thing you can find from this game is its in-app purchase which you can use to buy some abilities which we found to be useless since this is a freemium app

In general, the disadvantages from this game are its difficult-to-unlock extra modes, lots of spelling error in tutorial mode, and some other general mistakes everyone will never expect from a game. However, the good news is this game is still enjoyable enough. Even people who do not know about baseball at all may like this game.

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