Flow Free: Bridges Cheats

Flow Free: Bridges is a fun puzzle game which requires you to join the similar color nodes on the screen. You will have to join each pair by drawing lines in such a way that you cover all the grids on the screen.

Flow Free: Bridges gives the same gameplay as its previous version but with the addition of new challenges. Now along with the nodes, a bridge is present in each stage. You will have to match nodes and draw lines in a way that one line goes through the bridge vertically and one goes horizontally.

For players who find these puzzles hard to solve, here are some tips that can improve your gameplay.

How to Clear a Stage

There are four things you have to do in order to clear a stage.

  • 1. You have to pair all the same color nodes.
  • 2. You have to pass two lines from the bridge, one vertically and one horizontally.
  • 3. Lines should not touch each other.
  • 4. No grid should be left on the puzzle.

How to begin solving a puzzle

First of all, look for the nodes that are closer to each other. If you can join them by drawing a straight line, join them first.
Secondly look for nodes that are far away from each other. You can join these nodes by drawing a line on the edges of the puzzle.

What to keep in mind

Remember that you will have to complete the puzzle while covering all the grids. Many times, when you will join all the nodes still 1 or 2 grids will be left. This can be avoided if you draw lines from the edges first. This way, only grids that are left will be in the middle, which can then be covered by simply tweaking the lines.

What to do on bigger stages

On bigger puzzles, start joining lines from the inside first. This will make it easier to join far away nodes by drawing bigger lines. Also try to pass the bridge first.

You can unlock more level as you clear stages. Remember as you progress, the puzzles will become harder. Just follow these tips and you will be able to clear them without much problem.

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