Free pool games for android – The Top Two

On this post we are going to cover free pool games for Android that are available with our overview, review and rating of each one.

We are going to cover our favourite pool games that we feel are worth a mention and a place among the best pool games available for Android at the moment.

8 Ball Pool

free pool games for android 8 ball pool

8 Ball Pool is the world’s Biggest online Pool Game that was created by Miniclip whom are well known for their games site and that is really where 8 Ball Pool started. 8 Ball Pool was initially just available to play from there website (for free) via your web browser and it really proved to be a hit as it’s really fun to play but does actually require some skill to win games.

Why 8 Ball Pool is considered number one among the free pool games for Android

8 Ball Pool really does offer a fun gaming experience and the game has it’s number one place for the features it offers it’s users;

1. It has lots of active players and known as the best among the free pool games for Android and iOS.
2. You can play online against your friends.
3. You can challenge people from all over the world.
4. You are able to play in 8 player tournaments or just 1 on 1.
5. There is a level up system so you can unlock and play in different cities
6. You can play for coins and exlusive items. The coins are used to unlock new pool cues and allow you to enter higher ranked matches with bigger stakes.

Playing 8 Ball Pool

You can log into 8 Ball Pool using your facebook details, miniclip details or if you prefer not to sign in/up then you can just play as a Guest. As the game is on-line you do need to have Wifi or 3G/LTE access on your device.

It’s best to practice with some 1 on 1 matches to start of with to get the hang of the game, there is usually a tuturial the first time you play that basically covers the below points;

1. Drag your finger across the screen to move the cue to aim at the ball (using the guide line thats automatic).
2. After you have aimed correct, you need to adjust the power using the power bar on the left hand of the screen.
3. The further back (or down on the power bar) you go then the harder you will hit the ball.

8 Ball Maps available

There are a total of 12 maps available and the stakes to play each one increases, when you first start out you want to just play the “Downtown London Pub” map that is considered the beginners map and only requires 25 coins entry fee to play, if you win you will be awared 50 coins.

Here is a list of the maps available and stakes;

Location                                    Entry Fee    Prize

1. Downtown London Pub – Entry = 25 – Prize = 50.
2. Sydney Marine Bar – Entry = 100 – Prize = 200.
3. Moscow winter Club – Entry = 500 – Prize = 1000.
4. Tokyo Warrior Hall – Entry = 2500 – Prize = 5000.
5. Las Vegas Full House – Entry = 10000 – Prize = 20000.
6. Jakarta Volcano – Entry = 50000 – Prize = 100000.
7. Toronto Maple Suite – Entry = 100000 – Prize = 200000.
8. Cairo Kasbah – Entry = 250000 – Prize = 500000.
9. Dubai golden Challenge – Entry = 500000 – Prize = 1 M.
10. Shanghau Oriental Pearl – Entry = 500000 – Prize = 1 M.
11. Paris Chateau – Entry = 600000 – Prize = 1.2 M.
12. All In Lounge – Entry = 1000 minimum – Prize = Doubles your coins.

I’m sure you agree with us that 8 Ball Pool is by far the best and top rated free pool games for Android and now moving onto our second favourite. We rate 8 Ball Pool 10/10 and it’s definitely worth downloading, you will not regret it!

Pool Billiards Pro

free pool games for android pool billiards pro
Pool Billiards Pro was developed by TerranDroid and to some it’s considered to the number one of the free pool games for Android and iOS.
At MobileGames101 we are definitely 8 Ball Pool fans but not so say that Pool Billards Pro is not a fantastic game because it is and I would suggest trying them both and choosing your own preference (or just play both!).

Why Pool Billiards Pro is considered number one among the free pool games for Android

Again it comes down to the fantastic, realistic game play the game offers but aside from that here are some of the features of the game;

1. Like 8 Ball Pool it has lots of active players and known as the best among the free pool games for Android and iOS.
2. Realistic and 3D ball animation.
3. Touch control.
4. It has both 8 ball and 9 ball playing modes.
5. Arcade Mode (no rules and 180+ levels to plays)
6. Single Player Mode with challenges (time limit of two minutes with high score record to pot as many balls). Practice mode with no time limit or high score so you can improve your pool skills.
7. Play and compete in 1 on 1 matches against other players or against computer players.

We rate Pool Billiards Pro 8.5/10, it’s a great game and as mentioned in the post I would definitely recommend trying both 8 Ball Pool and Pool Billiards Pro to make your own choice on what you feel is the best pool games for Android but out of the two we at Mobilegames101 are going with 8 Ball Pool.

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