Frozen Free Fall Cheats and Tips

Intro about Frozen Free Fall:

Frozen Free Fall looks similar to the known Candy Crush Saga or other matching puzzle games. It has been named after the popular animated Disney movie ‘Frozen’ and developed by Disney itself. It has same characters as in movie; Anna, Elsa and more can be unlocked as you make your progress. Characters can team-up to use their powers to make a huge high score.

The following tips can guide you through the game.

Characters and their Powers:

Every character has its own power. For instance, if you are playing with Anna and on choosing the option, you get firepower that can burn eight pieces together. Similarly, her sister Elsa provides snowflakes that function happens to be the same as of Anna. In addition, Hans’s sword works in eliminating group of pieces.

These power-ups sometimes given for a limited time and use, can later be purchased through an in-game shop.

If center glowing pieces eliminates by four in one shot, they eliminate the lining row and column. Similarly, if frozen pieces slides and eliminates by five in one shot, they freeze nine-block box and smash them.

Three tier Goal System:

It works by combining more shots quickly without sliding wrong pairs to meet a definite score to unlock challenges. The more combos you shoot, the more you will have extra points and chance of earning two or three star.

Money to Spend on Shop:

If you are not that addicted to ‘Frozen’, it is not necessary to spend your money on buying lives. You can wait to refill and then you can play again. If you really are a Frozen freaky and want to clear stages quickly, you can buy power-ups to help in stages.

Nevertheless, later levels are tougher, try to save your power-ups for covering difficult ones.

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