Great Little War Game cheats

Here are some Great Little War game cheats i discovered:

  •     Use APC to rush into enemy base with engineers and captue it
  •     Artillery units are like snipers, but cheaper!
  •     Use Cruisers and Apaches to support your bombers during attack.When you see enemy Bomber approaching your units or base – build Anti Air vehicle.
  •     Apaches are great agains enemy bombers, but ground support is required!
  •     Defend your General to the last unit, never give up!
  •     Grenadiers in group with snipers – terrible weapon!
  •     Use quick and cheap units to rush into enemy base and captue it when the game just begins.
  •     Look for weak spots at enemy base and drop your troops there by Sky hooks!
  •     Crush tanks with Bazooka men. They are much cheaper than heavy units.

P.S. You can always try IDDQD or IDKFA

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