Great Little War Game Walkthrough

Although there is no step-by-step company walkthrough to Great Little War game, because it’s strategy game, this tips and tricks will help you to defeat your enemies in campaign and multiplayer mode!

Artillery is great agains infantry, but its damage to the tanks is minimal.

Grunts and snipers are also should be used against infantry. Use grenadiers against large infantry groups.

Capture Oil Rigs to boost your income.
Captue supply bays to provide your units enough supply.

Engineer in GLWG require defence, make sure he is not alone against enemy troops.

Great little war game walkthroughTry to kill unit completely, so he don’t strike back.

Aware of snipers. They have long range and 100% kill grunts.

Use supply trucks wisely and defend them.

Plan your turn. Keep in mind every unit move and attack range.

Use terrain wisely to get advantage over enemy.

Keep an eye on enemy money, so you will be able to predict next unit he will build.

Spend as much money as you possibly can unless you are saving up for something

Try to keep all your units alive, but dont get upset is some of them dies.

Try to ruin enemy economy. Send your engineers to captue enemy oil rigs and supply bays.

In most cases attacking is much easier than defending – use it!

Make your army balanced. It’s not wise to build just dosens of grunts.

Learn something from every loss.

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