“Gun Bros” review and playing guide

Glu Mobile represents the newly developed Gun Bros 2 game for those, who like fighting games. Well, this is a dual-stick shooter game on fighting missions during which one can fight his/her enemies and bosses. If you need more information or illustrations, tips and hints on this game, you can easily and quickly find them on Gamezebo’s guide.

Playing Nuances

These dual-stick shooter game controls may seem a bit challenging only for those, who are newbies in playing such kind of games, so they’ll need a little time to get adjusted to the game tricks. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, you are already used to paying such games, or not, you should be attentive to the specific features of this one.

Well, you’ll find 2 joysticks (simulated) in the screenshot (left and right hand at the bottom). Remember that sticks are used to control the characters’ directions: movements are manipulated by the left stick, and shots are controlled by the right one.

Progress Bar

While playing, you are to carry out some missions, during which you’ll meet a certain amount of enemies, and you’ll have to go through various stages. You must kill all the enemies in a stage in order to be able to pass to the next stage. The thing is that you should pay attention not only to getting rid of your enemies, but also to your speed of doing this: as a result, you’ll receive bronze, silver or gold stars for the progress shown.

User Interface

In case you need to pause your game for this or that purpose, you can use the “Pause” button on the screen (on the right). You’ll find also a health bar on the screen (bottom part), which is called to notify you of your being dead and your failure in the given mission (it will run out).

Character Customization

Quite naturally, you’ll need to purchase new armor and guns for you while playing this game, thus making your “bro” better and better in order to stand the game challenges. This is pretty important, for you have to fight more and more enemies and tougher bosses. Be attentive towards crates dropping during the game that crucial for your armor, experience and “Xplodium”. If you wish to change your weapons, you’ll just need to touch whichever you want, and adjust it.

You’ll be shown the capacities and characteristics of the chosen armor: for instance, you’ll find C and A class armor (the latter is better than the C class). Moreover, you’ll get also armor bonuses providing you buffs if you have the same set of the armor. So, you should bear this in mind when choosing your armor.


Gun Bros 2 can be played in the following 2 modes – the standard single-player mode, and the endless one. The single-player mode gives you the opportunity to fulfill your mission by getting rid of your enemies, and pass on to the next mission. The endless mode enables you to meet and kill enemies over and over until you are dead, meanwhile increasing your score.


Each mission brings you more experience in your game, thus improving your skills and abilities. As a result, your character becomes much stronger, faster and more powerful after each level completed. So, don’t stop perfecting yourself!


You can get friends to play in Gun Bros 2. There are a few ways do this – you can select “brotherhood” shown on the main screen, thus searching for friends form Facebook, and you can also search the Game center if you’re using an iPhone.


The premium currency, used in Gun Bros 2, enables you to improve your guns, making them stronger, and upgrade your power to fight against your enemies in a better way. Anyway, you are recommended not to waste your war bucks (game currency) upgrading a lot – you’d better purchase new guns instead, because the game doesn’t give you lots of opportunities for upgrades. You’re advised to do so especially in the early stages of playing the game. Besides, the upgraded gun won’t be more powerful than the powerful gun you buy.


Gun modifications give you another chance to become more powerful. This can be realized through the crates that drop during the game. So, you’ll be able to exercise a number of various effects, such as detecting the nearest enemy around you. You can find the activation mode of the 3 different modifications, foreseen for each weapon, over your shooting stick, in the right corner of the bottom part.


Mind on your speed – you don’t need to throw out fire on your enemies constantly or unnecessarily, especially on the boss enemies. This is important because the character’s speed decreases while shooting, and of course you’ll need more speed in such kinds of attacks.

Unneeded armor – you’ll obtain a plenty of armor that may be used to some extent, not entirely; so this will be your perfect chance to sell them and receive more Xplodium you need. This, in its turn, can be used to buy new guns, and become even much stronger against your enemies.

Prizes – the most significant points in the game are the crates: be attentive and don’t miss crates that drop during the Gun Bros 2, and remember that their time on the ground is limited, so you should hurry up and be quick! They are the path to your greater success and better achievements in Gun Bros 2!

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