Hayday cheats

Here are Hayday cheats:

Fast Quick Cash

Look through other’s papers for building tools such as saws as well as dynamite and purchase all of them in large quantities (like, 5 products just for Four hundred coins). And then sell each separately around 180 to 220 coins each. At the last product you record, put a commercial onto it therefore individuals are able to see Your entire products if they visit the shop.

Purchasing Losing Plants

In case you’re losing several plants quick head on to any of your friend’s farm and see their road side store and tap onto it to see what they’re offering. Or maybe your level 7+ open the papers and find out what stuffs had been bought.

Road side Store

Given that you own an on hand position you are available to sell the products in the road side store as much as you wish. You’ll get a totally free advertisement in Hayday inside the papers every Thirty minutes.

Wood Sections

It may be either located in the treasure chests or perhaps purchase them using your diamonds. An excellent location to see them is where you’re harvesting plants because they may show up and enter into your own barn.

Bonemeal and plants

My good friend and so I found that in the event you be a part of one anothers game and feed the plants from the player who linked, you simply need to use one. We’re not able to discover how to repeat that.

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