Heads Up! Review

Heads Up has been around a while now and it’s a fantastic party game to play with friends and family. The game is available on both iOS and Android at around £0.79 / $0.99 and it’s definitely worth the investment for the hours of fun and laughs you will get out of it.

What is Heads Up about?

The idea of the game is simple, the player starts the game and holds the phone to there forehead so the screen is facing away from them. Once the games starts it will display words on the screen which the player (holding the phone) needs to guess by there friends (who can see the screen) giving them clues. For example if the word was “Chicken” then the clue would be making a chicken noise, when you get the answer correct you turn the phone down to mark as correct and go onto the next questions. If you get stuck on one and the clues suggested are not getting the right words then there is an option to skip onto the next question by turning the phone up.

What categories are included in the game?

Heads up has lots of different categories of words you can select from, they are known as “decks” in the game and each has lots of different words to guess to keep you and your friends occupied.

In total there are 18 themed ‘decks’ which i believe will also continue to be updated;

Decks include;
1. Movies
2. Celebrities
3. Accents.
4. Characters.
5. Animals
+ 13 additional fun ‘decks’.

Features of Heads Up


One of the great features of Heads Up is there is no limit to the amount of people you can play the game with, you can play with just one person or even hundreds (if you can find a way for everyone to see the screen!).


The game is very simple to play and control, all you need to do is tilt the game up or down after starting the App so it appeals to all ages, young and old as everyone can pick it up.

In game Videos

Heads Up has a fantastic feature where you can actually record your games via your smartphone video camera so you can watch back and share your games and terrible (or great) word suggestions! there is even an option to share via Facebook.

Heads Up Review and Summary

Heads Up is an absolute winner and really stands out among the App’s available on the market as there is simply no other App like it, it’s simple but a fantastic and clever game for friends and family and really worth the download price. If you do not own it then we would certainly recommend it adding it to your collection, if you are still not sure then perhaps check out some Heads up review videos from YouTube to help you decide before you buy.

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