Heroes of Order and Chaos cheats

Let’s talk about Order and Chaos cheats and hacks:

Here is another game by Gameloft – Heroes of Order and Chaos! The nature, the characters and the combats of the game are more complex and more challenging as compared with other games. So, let’s see what you should know in order to get down to playing the game in a successful way.

Upgrading Your Talents

For this purpose, you should go to the main menu, then choose “Talents”. In order to be able to improve your skills and abilities, you’ll need to have currencies of 2 different types. To unlock the new tires of talents, you should have some cash. To be able to progress in your levels, you should have Talent Points.

You should know that the most powerful spells, that are placed on the top of the trees, cannot be obtained easily enough – you’ll have to spread them all over the talent system, thus getting the opportunity to acquire other important skills as you proceed in the game. If you wish to look at the requirements, you should hold your finger down on the given talent.

Healing Yourself

You can see a potion icon at the bottom of the screen, just beside your combat skill – this is needed for the recovery of your health. As far as you cannot perform it repeatedly, you should be attentive and plan to do it when you’re in dire need – the hero will let you know about the need!

Best Free Hero

You have the opportunity to get 3 heroes via the initial free downloading (there are 30 different heroes in this game). Each of these 3 characters has its own skills and capacities, advantages and powers, so you’d better go through all these, and then make your best choice. For your success in the game, it’s highly recommended to have a balanced mix of the 4 character archetypes existing in the game.

These are the following ones: Fighter – can cause great physical harm to your enemies, Mage – can cause great magical damage to your enemies, Support – can protect your team members by giving more buffs and auras, and by controlling your enemies, Guardian – can take the most part of the damage caused, and also cover your team members.

Getting More Runes

If you wish to have more rues, you must go to the in-app purchase store and just buy them. It’s important to go through the game instructions before starting your game in order not to jump to hasty conclusions later.

Defeating Hero Creatures

It’s not right to stand face to face with your enemies and just use the auto-attack option. It’s important to study all the skills available in the game beforehand, and use them wisely later. Having got the mastery of all the skills, you’ll be able to hit and run, and perform other skills during the game. To be on the safe side, remember not to kite your enemies into a space that is unknown to you.

Daily Reward System

You’ll have a chance to participate in a free slot machine lottery once a day. As a result, you’ll gain currency, elixirs and other bonuses. To take part in this lottery, you should go to the main menu, and open the Daily Reward System section. Of course, you can use your currency and get another trial.

Automatically Following Your Team Members

In order to be able to follow your team-mates automatically, all you need is just to tap twice on a member’s unit. In case you wish to change the target opponent, you should use the Switch button.

Purchasing New Equipment and Items

Ubiquitous Nick is the place that you should visit if you wish to spend your cash on acquiring some new equipment or items, thus getting upgrades. It is placed in the town, at the beginning of each map. You’ll have also an opportunity to sell your items that are no longer being used, thus gaining more cash.

Improving Your Skills

This is one of the unique games, which gives you the opportunity of practicing before you get down to this or that skill performance. So, you can easily enjoy this opportunity when making changes to your heroes, and then practicing in a CPU match. This is especially needed when acquiring new heroes with new skills, so you’d better get acquainted with their skills beforehand, instead of having problems later in the game.

Remember not to give up when experiencing a failure! You’re becoming more skilful, don’t forget! This is your best way to your greatest success! If you have more Heroes of Order and Chaos cheats – send id to our team

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