Hoppy Frog – Cheats and Tips

After taking down Flappy Bird, the diverse game developers could not stop making games that are worth your precious time and fun to play too. Therefore, ‘TurboChilli’ introduced yet another interesting free game for Android and iOS users. In this game, you have to feed ‘Golden Flies’ to a hungry frog by jumping over cloud to cloud all the way from start. However, beware of any shark or electric eel coming around.

Always Move Passing Through Hurdles:

You always need to stay calm and to make next move on perfect time to land carefully onto another cloud. Practice makes it more perfect, so do not lose hope if you fail and keep trying to beat your self-made record.

You’ll know when sharks arrive from the back. To play it safe, tap the screen carefully on time so you can jump a little longer and avoid them.

Longer Jumps using Parachute:

Parachute helps hoppy frog to jump and stay in air for a while until the screen remains tapped. Double tap your screen to activate parachute. It covers just an extra distance with your jumps. After using it one time or two, you will get to know what parachutes are used for!

Clouds Advantage:

Unlike other games, this game has been designed to make fair life chances. This is an advantage for Hoppy frog users that they can land anywhere on cloud and would not fall back in water, even if the frog’s feet touches the cloud. It is too risky if you do not pay proper attention and jump on time.

Move Fast from Grey Clouds:

As you will make progress passing through hurdles, you will start facing grey clouds. These clouds fall down quicker if frog stays a little longer than usual. It then becomes risky to move further without knowing the next surface.

To keep going on, focus on to the right of your screen. Sometimes you will see an edge of the next cloud so you can jump and proceed faster.

Player Leaderboards:

With Leaderboards, users can compare their scores and compete with their friends and others, and can try to beat their records.

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