Infinity Blade 2 : cheats

Here are Infinity blade 2 cheats:

You can get easy gold – you need to master the Infinity Blade, helmet, armor, shield, and the ring possessed by Siris in the beginning of the game. So, if you need much more gold, you’ll have to complete the game (at least once – check Infinity Blade 2 walkthrough), and master a large number of weapons.

You can get perfect weapons, and the dual ones are even recommended to have – you should go to Rebirth 1, then get to the introduction. As soon as Siris and Isa stop talking, open the menu of the characters, and turn to your inventory.

Now, you’ll see that you already possess the Infinity Blade and a new weapon. Next, you should take the weapon, and you should put the Infinity Blade on sale.

You can change your shield with a different one – you have to perform the same action with the armor, helmet and the ring. By selling all your equipment in one setting, you’ll earn a large amount of money. Afterwards, you should overcome all the battles against this or that creature, and the battle against Saydhi’s champion, and that of against Saydhi. When having defeated Saydhi, you should tap on the key lock of the Infinity Blade.

Now, a video will appear showing you how Siris is putting another Infinity Blade into the lock. While the video is on, and while Siris is holding the Infinity Blade, you should go to the character menu. You must do this before Siris puts the Infinity Blade on the rock, otherwise it will be too late. Next, you should once again take the weapon you have chosen before, and then you should put it on sale. You can perform this again and again.

As for the Rebirth at the Vault of Tears, you should fight down the first enemy you happen to meet there, and then you should reset the Rebirth 1. Then, you’ll be able to trade again, when Siris gets the armor, helmet, shield, ring and the Infinity Blade back.

The game will restart, as soon as you get rid of the God King. You must continue your way until you get to the top, where you’ll find a stone to place the Infinity Blade into. If you haven’t mastered your sword yet, you’ll need 44.000 gold for doing this. Then, before the sword is set into the stone, you must tap on the sword (on the screen top), and go to “Characters”, then to “Items”. So, take weapons, and sell the Infinity Blade, and then resume your game.

Remember not to tap on the sword on the screen top once more – tap the gear (on the right), go to “Character Slots”, and switch your game. If you wish to get back to the original game, and the new one has already started, you should repeat the already described actions. Just before the sword is put into the stone, you can resume the game, and you can also put the Infinity Blade on sale once more. You can do this again and again: doing so 3 or 4 times a minute will bring you 18 million gold in 30 minutes.

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